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7/10/17 - We are completing our 501C3 application at this time.  

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Jean Decker - President & Executive Director


Danielle Decker - Vice President & Director


Debora Caponigro -Director


Ann Marie Loveland - Secretary


Keith Westpy - Treasurer & Director


Our mission

Peace By Piece New Jersey, INC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities after they age into adulthood. Its’ goal is to provide housing services and activities through a social group with peers which will give opportunities to create lasting friendships and a better quality of life.  

Our Story

   About two dozen years ago God blessed me with three children. While my two daughters have found their way to adulthood my youngest, Brian, has had more of a challenge. Brian was born with Autism, seizures, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and moderate mental retardation. And since he took his first breath, I have wondered about this day. Brian is 18 and, in just three very short years, he will be an adult, out of school, and our society expects him to become a contributing member. Unfortunately, his condition doesn’t make that possible. As I have struggled to remain gainfully employed in a tough business climate, about a year ago, I started hosting “social gatherings” for Brian and a few special needs classmates twice a month to allow them to have somewhat of a normal social experience. The events have been very well received and, in fact, the number of special needs kids attending has grown and is approaching fifty as I write this business plan! We quickly outgrew my modest apartment and have found some wonderful local establishments who let us frequent their places to meet as a group. But this has been a small oasis for these children in an otherwise complicated world. I / we need a better plan.   I have spent a good amount of time researching what options exist. The options are few and not without their challenges. Enter Peace By Piece NJ Inc.    I formed this not for profit and am trying to focus my efforts on creating a quality of life for my son as well as other families wrestling with similar situations. There is a great need for a solution up here in Sussex County, NJ. I have visited operations in other places around the state and they clearly have figured out how to accommodate these tremendous human beings and give them a chance at a “normal” life not to mention helping many parents with a plan to continue caring for their loved ones.   We have applied for and expect to receive our 501c3 designation by year end. We have launched our website as of this writing. Our GoFundMe page is launched and we are on Face Book and Twitter. I am proud to say fundraising is in full swing.   God has a plan for all of us and I believe he has shown me my purpose for this time. I hope I can count on you to help us move this vision forward. Thank you for taking time to hear about our opportunity and God bless you.   Jean Decker, President and Executive Director July, 2017  

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